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Human Rights is not a privelege - it is a fundamental basic principal of humanity. We see abuse all over the world of peoples basic rights and we must stand up to end this abuse. Every cause against the violation of other human beings is a worthy cause.

The Human Rights Committee and Ministry of Interior here in Qatar must become pro-active in ending the abuses taking place in its own country.

Human Rights abuses are more frequent in Qatar than what is actually reported. They are masked and hidden to the outward eyes looking in! The sponsors abusing law and human rights are often protected because they are Qatari Nationals. The rest of us which experience this abuse live in fear of reporting it to Authorities. Even in cases where it is reported, next to no action is taken against the perpetrator.

Instead those that do report such actions are often cancelled and deported or left to face bogus cases with all their rights stripped from them.

Come inside Qatar with us to take a look at what this dynamic, growing country, striving to gain a respectable image around the world - is really about.

Come on Inside!

From the outside Qatar looks like a booming country of opportunity striving to make changes to better itself. You can see, read and hear about all the wonderful changes under His Highness the Amir. Under his excellent leadership the country is building a respectable image as it participates in world events that concern us all.

Inside we see new towers everyday; grass growing in a baren land that once just a dessert; flowers that bloom in all shades and colors; a beautiful sea that practically surrounds the entire country; and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

One can only look on with great respect as this small country comes to life under amazing leadership. Qatar's vision under his excellency comes alive because of the hundreds of thousands of laborers and people from all professions and nationalities that come to bring this vision to reality!

The expat community are contributing members of this society and this country. Without this community today and its ability to be sustained in the future Qatar will not realize its' ultimate vision.

One would have us believe that from a human rights point of view Qatar is progressing. It has in many ways progressed by instituting organizations such as the National Human Rights Committee. But at the end of day these bodies have next to no decision making authority.

The laws are in place but there is no one to enforce them. Let's take a look inside Qatar at what life is really like for the expats that devoted a part of their life to come and build this nation.

Let's take a look at all the camps of laborer's where accomodations are not fit for animals let only people.

Let us look at all the laborer's who came to Qatar from difficult countries with the hope of being able to provide better for their families. Their dream's shattered when they go months without the salary they rightfully earned.

Let us look at all the worker's needlessly killed and seriously injured because their employees chose to break the law.

Let us look at how often a sponsor gets away with wreckless and criminal negligence only to have those seeking their rights promised by law punished.

When you come inside you will wonder how is such a wealthy country, with such strong leadership and vision allowing it's own people to abuse human rights.

Friday, November 30, 2007


The country of Qatar is a wonderful country with substantial growth and development. The State of Qatar is witnessing rapid development and change on every level under the excellent leadership of H. H. Sheikh / Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani The Emir of Qatar and H. H. Sheikh/ Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani the Heir apparent.

Fully committed to her husband's vision is Her Highness Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al-Missned.

Together they are committed to making Qatar a prosperous, developed and sustainable society with a strong leadership voice on the Interational stage. As leaders and great visionaries, we believe in and support their actions.

But there are still things in this country that require change. Namely the sponsorship laws. Most sponsors in Qatar are excellent and professional people. Working under such sponsors and with good professional companies can be a very rewarding experience.

But what happens when you end up with an abusive sponsor in a company that is grossly negligent and does not even respect its' own laws? A sponsor that controls your life, your work, your movements, your freedom. What happens when you dare to question your right to be paid under such a sponsor? Or you dare too question the breaking of laws or treating people inhumanely like animals? What happens when you decide you cannot work in a company like this?

Despite the great many achievements in this wonderful country, there are still companies and sponsors that are getting away with things that are simply not tolerated by the vast majority of the world.

We started this blob in an attempt to raise awareness of the situation at Group Security System. Since that time very little has been done to hold this sponsor accountable. Employees remain in the same vial situation since it was reported to the Ministry of Interior, Human Rights Committee and Department of Labor.

What has come from this experience for us has been a greater awareness of human rights in Qatar. It is shocking to see how much is hidden, not reported and left to go by the way-side with no consequence or accountability.

You can help us by sending your messages of concern to the Minister of Interior and Amnesty International. Email the Minister of Interior at minister@moi.gov.qa and Amnesty International at press@amnesty.org.uk

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In the News - The Gulf Times - Sleepless in Doha

Letters to the Editor
Published: Monday, 11 August, 2008, 01:38 AM Doha Time

A sense of hope
Dear Sir, I would like to applaud Gulf Times for all its recent articles on the issues faced by the labour community in Qatar. It gives me a great sense of hope that people do in fact care about what happens to these people. I have had a very painful battle for well over a year now for having reported a company that was severely negligent with its employees and chose to break Qatar law.

While I have seen progress on behalf of the government and National Human Rights Committee, I feel that is very slow in coming. Companies are behaving this way because they are getting away with it and they bear no consequence for their actions. Since that time many labourers from other companies have come to me seeking help and guidance. I guess news spreads rapidly throughout this community and it is hard to turn your back on something you know is very wrong.

Reporting and following up on these matters has brought some help forward for these people. For me my actions have earned me the status of being detained by one owner determined to seek revenge. I have now been over one year in Qatar on an expired visa and am unable to exit.

Human Rights issues cannot be hidden by money and wealth and the companies who choose to behave in such a way should be exposed for what they are. I hope Gulf Times will continue to publish such stories.
Christine McPherson, P O Box 10445Doha

In the News

Several laborers from Asian countries working at a construction site in the Al Rayan area are seriously injured and rushed to hospital when the concrete roof of the building collapses on them. The company not disclosed in the news was in breach of Qatar Laws which state workers must not be working during the hours of 11:30 am to 3:00 pm for their protection.

Since this accident we have made it a point to drive throughout Doha during the hours of 11:30 to 3:00 pm and have found many worksites were not shut down and laborers continued to work.

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